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The Blue Lagoon
Kuzminsky, Konstantin (Russian 1940-2015) and Kovalev, Grigory (Russian 1939-99),
The Blue Lagoon Anthology of Modern Russian Poetry, 1980-1986, Newtonville:
Oriental Research Partners, 1980-1986. 8vo (235 x 165 mm).
Text in Russian.

THE BLUE LAGOON (1986). "This monumental 9 volume anthology of Underground Russian Poetry (in Russian, each volume is between 600 to 800 pages) was created by Russian poet enfante terrible K. K. Kuzminsky and Gregory Kovalev. Kuzminsky and his wife Emma Podberiozkina conceived and carried out this project virtually by themselves—everything from typing up texts, scanning numerous photos of poets, artists and their paintings & graphic art (each volume is brimming with visual material). Unlike—any other—anthologiest of Russian poetry, Kuzminsky includes numerous personal accounts & anecdotes related to authors included in the anthology. A monument to poets and artists forgotten and forbidden, a counter-argument to Brodsky, Yevtushenko and Voznesensky, this work is for those people who to would like to see the entire forest of Russian poetry, not just the trees." | Review, 2001.

EXCREMENTAL'NOE REV'YU. (Excremental Review). In Russian. | 20 pages, saddle-stitched. 5.5' x 8.5". Special edition of 30 copies. | A mini-anthology of poetry and short drama exploring fecal trappings of the Russian non-conformist movement. With contributions by Vagrich Bakhchanian, Bob Bezmenov, Bruce Chiryev, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Magazinnik, Yurii Mamleev, Yaroslav Mogutin, Dmitry Romendik , Igor Satanovsky, Aleksandr Shnurov and Misha Sklyar. - KOJA Limited Edition Chapbooks.

KOJA #1. | The premier issue of KOJA magazine (1996) presents its winning combination of out-there poetics, cutting-edge VisPo, and larger-than-life short fiction from both sides of the Atlantic. Contributors: Michael Basinski, Raymond Federman, Alex Galper, Sasha Kogan, Richard Kostelanetz, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Mikhail Magazinnik, Eileen Miles, Genrikh Sapgir, Inna Mattei Ososkova, Dennis Saleh, Igor Satanovsky, Spencer Selby, and others. | 5.5 x 8.5, 66 pages, color cover, stapled.

Magazinnik #2. | With contributions by Felix Davelman, Igor Satanovsky, Andrei Tat, Dmitry Romendik, Eduard Shenderovich, Sasha Galper, Nyura Milman, Petya Ptakh, Yurii Mamleev, Marik Kagan, Vagrich Bakhchinyan, Roman Gadzhilov, Leonid Drozner, Anri Volokhonsky, Marusya Klimova, Magazinnik, Dmitry Rozin, Chairman Mao, William James Austin, Nina Khabias, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Aleksei Dayen, Aleksandr Shnurov, Vadim Trynchii and Pavlo Tychina. | Glossy color cover, 86 pages, 7" x 10,5" perfect binding.

Magazinnik #3-4 (Kommentarii). | A special double issue with contributions by William James Austin, Felix Davelman, Igor Satanovsky, Dmitry Romendik, Sasha Galper, Nyura Milman, Roman Gadzhilov, Pike, Leonid Drozner, Magazinnik, Anfissa Osinnik, Dmitry Rozin, Mariya Sumnina, Vladimir Lapenkov, Aleksandr Kogan, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Aneta Meiman, Dmitry Khavin, Aleksandr Delphinov, Zhenya P., Michael Tsan and others. | The issue also presents the first Russian translations of Mina Loy. | Glossy color cover, 198 pages, 8" x 10".

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